Why isn’t YOUR business leveraging social media for growth?



Which social media networks can we help you with?

Since social media is constantly changing, we assist your business  with the top 6 social media networks,  we may add or remove social
media networks as we see appropriate.

  • Facebook social media cover fesign and fan page creation – Connect your community
  • Twitter custom cover and background design – Deliver your message
  • YouTube channel set-up and art design – Share your story
  • Pinterest boards set-up and design – Display your visuals
  • LinkedIn company page design – Expand your yetwork
  • Google Plus business page and cover design – Define your identity

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Why does social media marketing matter for your business?

Traditional advertising is dead, but don’t worry that is a good thing! Now it is completely possible and normal to have 2-way conversations with the people whoare raving fans about your business and would love to tell others what you have to offer. Social media is based on communication and engagement with the audience that matters most to you.

No amount of advertising can replace the social proof and credibility that you gain online, through the use of social media. People are much more likely to believe other people saying great things about your brand, than listen to you toot your own horn, with no real evidence to support it. Leveraging social media correctly can also set you as the leader in your industry and help grow your authority in the marketplace.
We are here to help your get started by designing your social media profiles,  setting them up and applying your branding so that people will recognize your business no matter which network they find you on first.


Will your website be ready to maximize the extra attention and traffic that social media will bring? 

The purpose of social media is to lead your visitors to your website where they are lead to perform the call of action that you choose.
However if your website is out of date or doesn’t look trustworthy, chances are that viewers may be discouraged from leaving you their information.
We can help you design a brand new website or re-design an existing one that will give your business the right image online, and also help you
capitalize the extra traffic to turn visitors into leads or sales.

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